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John VirapenDr. John Virapen (1943) has worked more than 35 years in the pharmaceutical industry. In Sweden he was general manager of Eli Lilly & Company and was involved in the market launch of several drugs, also such with massive side effects.

John Virapen has written his first book about his activity as a manager in the pharmaceutical industry in 2006 under the pseudonym “John Rengen” the book “Rubio Talks – A story from a Pharma-Insider“. Early 2008 his new book “Side Effects: Death” was published and is currently a best-seller in Europe.

Born in British Guyana, Dr. John Virapen went from being a door-to-door conman to a pop star, to a pharmaceutical representative to executive director of one of the largest drug companies in the world. He admits to participating in bribery, false information and deception to help launch and market some of the most popularly prescribed (and most dangerous) drugs. In an effort to exorcise his demons and expose the tactics and dangers of the pharmaceutical industry, he wrote "Side Effects: Death" and "Medicine Cult".

John Virapen is now dedicated to expose and create awareness on how the pharmaceutical industry is operating with their own best interest as primary goal.


Sharry Edwards has been accused of being too scientific by some, too esoteric by others. In actuality she is a bridge between both fields of inquiry. Her unique auditory abilities allow her to “hear” each person’s Signature Sound and that ability led to serious questions about what those sounds could possibly mean? She has been tested in many labs and still uses her toning abilities to work with people who have no voice. Her curiosity and her need to make a difference in the world led her to develop a scientific format for computational biology using the sounds of the human voice.

Sharry calls this new field of discovery Sonoistry. Just as we have a system of basic elements that we call, chemistry, there is a basic set of sounds/frequencies that can monitor, predict and manage biological function. String theory found a basis for the existence of DNA; Sonoistry is the basic system for RNA. (DNA is the pattern; RNA maintains the pattern.) Sharry is the acknowledged pioneer in the emerging field of Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling. She has for many years provided the leading-edge research to show the voice as a holographic representation of the body.


Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Stem cell biologist, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award, he has been a guest speaker on hundreds of TV and radio shows, as well as keynote presenter for national and international conferences.

In 1982, Dr. Lipton began examining the principles of quantum physics and how they might be integrated into his understanding of the cell’s information processing systems. He produced breakthrough studies on the cell membrane, which revealed that this outer layer of the cell was an organic homologue of a computer chip, the cell’s equivalent of a brain. His research at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, between 1987 and 1992, revealed that the environment, operating though the membrane, controlled the behavior and physiology of the cell, turning genes on and off. His discoveries, which ran counter to the established scientific view that life is controlled by the genes, presaged one of today’s most important fields of study, the science of epigenetics. Two major scientific publications derived from these studies defined the molecular pathways connecting the mind and body. Many subsequent papers by other researchers have since validated his concepts and ideas. http://www.brucelipton.com/

Dr-Bradley-Nelson-2011-HeadshotDr. Bradley Nelson graduated with honors from Life Chiropractic College West, in San Lorenzo, California in 1988. He has lectured internationally on the natural healing of chronic illness, and was in private practice until 2004, successfully treating patients from across the US and Canada who were suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and a wide variety of other chronic ailments. A holistic chiropractic physician and medical intuitive, Dr. Nelson is one of the world’s foremost experts in the emerging fields of bioenergetic medicine and energy psychology.



bradbartholomew smallerBradley York Bartholomew has written several articles on Hindu Philosophy that were published in various philosophical journals in India in the early 1990s. In 2004 he came across the theory of Fosar & Bludorf about The Networked Intelligence in the DNA and he realized that this networked intelligence in the DNA equates with what the Hindus call Brahman or the Universal Consciousness. Then came the discoveries about memristors which are capable of both storing and processing data in biological computers which means that the Universe could be in the nature of processed data. We literally do live in the mind of God.

The author is currently a full time student in Physics and Genetics at Griifith University, Gold Coast, Australia.

THE SPIRITUAL GENOME:This eBook contains fascinating new discoveries about memristors in the DNA. Memristors work on the model of biological computers like the human brain. Memristors have memory storage and processing ability, and are being developed for computer hardware.



Bernando LaPallo is 111 years young and is the author of" Age Less Live More...Living to 107 and Beyond "

Bernando LaPallo was born in Victoria, Brazil on August 17, 1901 He moved to the United States and was raised by his father who was a doctor in Philadelphia. His first interest was in food and he went on to study the culinary arts at La Sorbonne in Paris, France graduating in 1928. After years of working as a chef on steam liners and resorts he retired in that profession to pursue an interest in the healing arts. He studied massage at The Swedish Institute in New York City. Later Bernando went on to study and become licensed as a reflexologist and podiatrist at NYU. He completed that course of study at the age of 73. He had a successful private massage practice in New York City for more than 20 years treating people from all walks of life.

He currently resides in Arizona where he gives talks on the secrets of his youthful vitality and health. Age Less Live More is his first book. He has a brand new DVD demonstrating a few of his favorite recipes available for sale. See clips and recipes on Bernando's website 


Ann Boroch is a certified nutritional consultant, naturopath, clinical hypnotherapist, certified iridologist, educator, author, and inspirational speaker. Ann healed herself from Multiple Sclerosis and has been symptom-free for 16 years. Her successful practice of 13 years in Los Angeles, California, has helped thousands of clients achieve optimum health. Ann’s passion is to help people realize that the body has an innate intelligence that allows it to heal itself—the key is to give it the right environment for a long enough period of time.

Ann has appeared on national radio and television, including a feature appearance on The Montel Williams Show, where she promoted her breakthrough book, Healing Multiple Sclerosis (also in Spanish and Italian) that was released 2007. Her latest book, The Candida Cure: The 90-Day Program to Beat Candida and Restore Vibrant Health (also in Italian and French) came out March 2009. Her website

jacobbooksDr. Jacob Liberman received a Doctorate of Optometry in 1973 from Southern College of Optometry, a Ph.D. in Vision Science in 1986 from The College of Syntonic Optometry. Dr. Liberman's first book, Light: Medicine of the Future, established him as an authority in the field of light and color therapy and is considered a classic in its field. His second book, Take Off Your Glasses and See, was inspired by the miraculous healing of his own vision, and offers a radically new approach to restoring and enhancing one's vision naturally. His latest book, Wisdom From an Empty Mind, is a compilation of one-page essays on light, vision and consciousness. All three books have received international acclaim and have been published in multiple languages.

For the past 35 years, Dr. Liberman has worked with thousands of individuals, ranging from children with learning difficulties to Olympic and professional athletes. His work has been enthusiastically endorsed by luminaries in the fields of science, medicine, consciousness, and professional sports.

In 2001, Dr. Liberman founded Exercise Your Eyes, Inc. and invented the EYEPORT Vision Training System. The EYEPORT represents years of clinical research and integrates Dr. Liberman's pioneering discoveries in vision science into the first FDA cleared medical device of its kind available to the public.


Joseph Cardillo Author Press PhotoJoseph Cardillo, Ph.D., is a top-selling author in the fields of health, mind-body-spirit and psychology. He is an expert in Attention Training™ and creative thinking. Dr. Cardillo has taught his methods to more than 20,000 students in various colleges, universities and institutes. He has authored 5 titles—The Five Seasons: Tap Into Nature's Secrets For Health, Happiness, and Harmony; Can I Have Your Attention? How to Think Fast, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Concentration; Your Playlist Can Change Your Life; Be Like Water; and Bow to Life. . A regular contributor to the Huffington Post and Psychology Today, he holds a doctorate in holistic psychology and in mind-body medicine and is a research associate at Mind-Body Medical University. Web site: www.josephcardillo.com 

Dr.GuazamiProfessor of physics at the University of Oregon’s Institute of Theoretical Science for over 30 years, (now retired) Dr. Goswami is a revolutionary in a growing body of renegade scientists who in recent years have ventured into the domain of the spiritual in an attempt both to interpret the seemingly inexplicable findings of their experiments... and to validate their intuitions about the existence of a spiritual dimension of life.
A prolific writer, teacher and visionary... Dr. Goswami has appeared in the movie "What the Bleep do We know?", The "Dalai Lama Renaissance", and the recently released award winning documentary "The Quantum Activist." http://www.amitgoswami.org/


Andersen2Brian David Andersen perfected and harnessed the spiral and spherical tables of the chemical elements. Those discoveries were the foundation for being the first researcher to mathematically prove the Great Pyramid in Egypt is a three sided pyramid built inside of four sided pyramid. Geometric and electromagnetic applications from the aforementioned discoveries are the basis for a product line of subtle energies items known as Tri-Vortex Technology.

Andersen was the first to experience and distribute subtle energy items based upon the new and emerging scientific field called Light Particle Assimilation. Brian's stunning successes in the field of Light Particle Assimilation were responsible for his being appointed a Consultant and Scientist specializing in subtle energy and electromagnetic research and applications for the prestigious Hippocrates Health Institute in January of 2012.

www.trivortex.com .

Mahendra Trivedi Headshot1280x768Mahendra Kumar Trivedi possesses a unique ability to transmit an unknown energy through his thoughts.  This energy has the ability to transform all living organisms such as plants, trees, seeds, bacteria, viruses, fungi, animals, cancer cells, human cells…everything, for better performance.  In addition, this energy has the ability to transform non-living materials, such as metals, ceramics, polymers, and chemicals, by changing the structure of the atom permanently.

After 5 years, Mr. Trivedi began to ask why this energy should be limited to humans. He felt that if this energy is real, it must work everywhere, in all things and matter.  It must enhance the abilities, properties, and productivity of crops. It must transform bacteria, viruses and fungi, convert cancercells into non cancer cells, and make metals, chemicals, and polymers stronger. Due to his skeptical nature, he became engaged in scientific research.  With the help of the most sophisticated technology available to science and under controlled conditions, he began to discover and prove this energy’s characteristics, behavior, limitations and abilities and its impact on living and non living things. He understood that if this energy can change the structure of an atom, then nothing is impossible for this energy.  He has compiled a remarkable track record of success, including nearly 4,000 well-documented scientific studies on his ability to profoundly affect matter down to the level of the atom.


kathry-1-200Kathryn L. Rossi Ph.D. is a Founding Director of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of the California Central Coast (MHE-CCC).  She has edited, authored, or co-authored more than 15 books and 25 scientific articles.

Along with Ernest Rossi and Roxanna Erickson Klein she received the 2008 Hilgard Award for Best Theoretical Paper: The Future Orientation of Constructive Memory: An Evolutionary Perspective on Therapeutic Hypnosis and Brief Psychotherapy.

Dr. Rossi is a Professor at the Neuroscience Institute for Psychotherapists of Solopaca, Italy, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Vice President for The Ernest Lawrence Rossi Non-Profit Foundation for Psychosocial Genomics Research. She is a board member for the Erickson Foundation Archives and Press in Phoenix, Arizona and is an Advising Board Member of The Simonton Cancer Center.

Dr. Rossi casts a wide net of in-depth studies in the fields of psychology, therapeutic hypnosis, neuroscience, art, music and yoga.  Her current areas of interest are how to integrate yoga, art, beauty and truth into creating new consciousness on a psychosocial genomic level.  She is a registered Yoga teacher (RYT 500).

A psychologist in private practice in Los Osos, California, Dr. Kathryn Rossi also conducts workshops and consultations internationally as well as through SKYPE and other Internet video activated (VoIP) services.


HalHugginsHAL HUGGINS, D.D.S., M.S. received his Dental Degree in 1962 from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.  In 1983, Dr. Huggins began a full-time practice devoted to diagnosing and planning treatment for patients suffering from mercury toxicity. He became a Founder of the world renowned Huggins’ Diagnostic Center, a multidisciplinary Clinic combining Dentistry, Medicine, Nutrition, Psychology and other healing Therapies dedicated to the treatment of disease.


Dr. Huggins has published over 50 articles concerning nutrition, child growth and development and mercury toxicity, root canals and cavitations. He is also a prolific author including Why Raise Ugly Kids, It’s All In Your Head, Uninformed Consent, Solving the MS Mystery, Your Goose Isn’t Cooked–Yet!, Who Makes Your Hormones Hum? and the latest, It’s Right Under Your Nose.

Dr. Huggins is currently a Consultant in 3 countries at Multi-Disciplinary Dental Revision Centers that practice the Huggins Protocol for removing toxic dental materials and hidden infections in the mouth that challenge the immune system creating disease, fatigue and a myriad of health problems with their related symptoms.


Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille is an internationally known expert in Archetype Discoveries and Creativity. His unique approach to marketing combines a psychiatrist’s depth of analysis with a businessman’s attention to practical concerns.  He has written more than ten books on these topics.  One of his books, Creative Communication, has become the standard reference for the French advertising industry.  He is a sought-after lecturer on creativity and communication.

Dr. Rapaille’s technique for market research has grown out of his work in the areas of psychiatry, psychology, and cultural anthropology. His work is an extension of the work done by many of the great scholars of the twentieth century, including Jung, Laing, Levi-Strauss, and Ruth Benedict.

Dr. Rapaille’s world travels, a term in the diplomatic corps, and extensive marketing research on product archetypes for international corporations, have given him a fresh perspective on American business and American society.

Photo-RitaSomanRita Somas originally from New Delhi, India holds a Masters in Psychology and is a Certified Alcohol & Drug Specialist. She currently uses a process called PSYCH-K® that has surpassed all her expectations and those of her clients. It brought very dramatic positive changes in her personal & professional life. With over 30 years of experience as a Psychotherapist Rita finds this process very empowering, very effective, easy to use, to reprogram the Subconscious mind with positive beliefs. The results are quick and long lasting. It works for almost every problem one may face in life in the areas of, Relationships, Self-Esteem, Spirituality, Health, Prosperity, Personal Power, Grief & Loss and Alcohol & Drug Addiction etc. PSYCH-K® works very well with other modalities. PSYCH-K® takes one beyond the power of Intention, Visualization, Positive Thinking, Affirmations, and Will Power. It can help people free their mind from the limitations of the past and give them empowerment over their own lives. Change beliefs and Change your life. It’s that simple!


patricia-bischFreedom from Food presents a revolutionary program designed by Patricia Bisch, who discovered the secret to regaining her power over food without deprivation. Built on the solid foundation of quantum physics, which substantiates how the mind affects the body, it provides practical applications of principles that guide you to making your consciousness strong enough to transform your body.

Patricia Bisch, MA, MFT, lived the painful life of an overeater from her teen years to well into early adulthood. Then, over 30 years ago, she discovered the secret to regaining her power over food–not through deprivation, but as a way to enjoy eating and to lose weight anyway.

She proceeded to practice and perfect the principles she writes about, and today, she remains completely healed. In addition to reaching master-level proficiency in two energetic healing methods and maintaining a private practice in psychotherapy, specializing in EMDR therapy, Patricia lectures, conducts media appearances and leads classes and workshops on weight loss.

Dr._Brooks_Profile_Headshot4As a retired Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for over 32 years, Dr. Romeo Brooks has seen an overwhelming amount of unnecessary pain and suffering. His quest for knowledge in the field of health was initiated after his father passed from emphysema and his mother from a blocked intestine and kidney failure. As a result Dr. Brooks studied to become an Iridologist, Natural Hygienist, Herbalist and earned a Ph.D. in Naturopathic Medicine. He also created a line of extraordinary natural wellness products through Roots Nutrition and Fitness in Inglewood, CA. Dr. Brooks is married to the lovely Mai Brooks and they have 4 children http://rootsnutrition.com/index-abdr.html. 

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD is an internationally recognized authority on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Potential. She has over 30 years experience as a healing facilitator, speaker, and educator in natural health and wellness; personal/professional development.

Dr. Dorothy is Founder/CEO of Genesis Consultants, dedicated to holistic healing and personal development. She is Immediate Past President, International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, she serves on the board for Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce, and is Board Advisor for the 4th World Regression Congress and a life member of National Registry of Who's Who. 


steveheadshotwebSteven Halpern is an award-winning composer, recording artist and producer whose healing music has helped millions worldwide to experience the blessings and benefits of deep relaxation and inner peace.

CHAKRA SUITE, his debut release in 1975 helped establish a “quiet revolution” and a new genre in contemporary instrumental music. To date it has sold over 700,000 copies. Halpern’s cumulative sales exceed 6 million units and his current releases continue to set the standard of excellence in the field.

Based on his own spiritual and health-related experiences, Steven discovered secrets of combining ancient sound healing traditions with quantum biology and energy medicine to produce recordings that support relaxation, stress management, yoga, meditation, massage, sleep, accelerated learning and pure listening pleasure.

Halpern's most representative and best-selling recordings include PEACE OF MIND, MUSIC FOR SOUND HEALING, INNER PEACE, IN THE OM ZONE and the Billboard-charting DEJA-BLUES.

Sonia Barrett is the author of The Holographic Canvas: The Fusing of Mind and Matter published in September 2008 and her upcoming book The Cosmic Game in 3D: Mastering Reality, Mastering the Matrix of the Mind, due for release in March 2011; her website Spirit In Form, http://www.spiritinform.com/. She is also the host ofSovereign Mind Radio and publisher of Sovereign Mind Magazine.

She has been interviewed on a number of radio programs and currently presents workshops and lectures internationally. The concept behind these workshops and lectures is to reawaken the memory of those attending, as noted on the back of her book “the answers are all tied into the forgotten past and like the single cell of a plant our history is encoded in our cell, DNA and the air we breathe”.

In 2011 Sonia Barrett can be seen at The Feminine Consciousness Conference in London, ISSSEEM Conference in Colorado, The Alchemy Conference in Long Beach, Ca, and the 1st Annual Pythagoras Conference 2011. She is also appearing in the film Ghetto Physics produced by Will Arntz producer of What the Bleep do we Know & E. Raymond Brown author of Ghetto Physics. This film is now in theatres in select cities. She is currently producing a documentary titled The Business of Disease.

2ernestrossicolorphoto.thErnest Rossi, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized psychotherapist and expert on creativity and mindbody healing. He is the author of 36 books and over 170 research papers published in many languages.  Dr. Rossi’s writing and research describe advances in creative work, therapeutic hypnosis, psychoneuroimmunology, and the experiential dimensions of healing.  He is widely recognized for his inspiring and insightful presentations.  Nurses, psychologists, coaches, and allied health professionals applaud his wealth of practical information and his ability to describe key concepts with eloquence and warmth.  His most recent books are Creating Consciousness, (2011, In Press), Ultradian Rhythms from Molecule to Mind: A New Vision of Life (Co-edited with David Lloyd, Springer, 2008), The Breakout Heuristic (Milton H. Erickson Foundation Press, 2007), The Psychobiology of Gene Expression: Neuroscience and Neurogenesis in Hypnosis and the Healing Arts (W. W. Norton, 2002) and A Dialogue with Our Genes: The Psychosocial Genomics of Therapeutic Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (Zeig-Tucker-Theisen, 2004).  He recently updated CDs of the New Neuroscience Edition of Collected Papers of Milton H. Erickson and a dozen other books co-authored with him.




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