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Thursday, 08 November 2012 21:59

Daylight Saving 2011: How Time Change Affects Our Health

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Human behavior is at times questionable and in may cases a result of conditions that seem to slip by unnoticed. Daylight Savings Time is one of those conditions. This shift in time change seem like a simple and harmless factor yet its impact on the body can vacillate from mild to extreme according to the individual. The following excerpt is taken from an article by Laura Schocker:

These time changes play out in our body a bit like jet lag might, explained Michael Decker, Ph.D., an associate professor at Georgia State University and spokesman for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Springing forward is like flying from west to east -- say from California to Washington, D.C. -- while falling back is like flying from east to west. And as frequent flyers can attest, the eastbound change is much harder to acclimate to than the westbound for most. "The adjustment is much milder in the fall than it is in the springtime," Decker says. And that means we may be experiencing a collective, but mild, jet lag this Sunday, which will clear up in 24 hours or so. Full article

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