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Thursday, 24 May 2012 03:50

Ask questions and do your own research with any diagnosis

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 Big Pharma Spends More On Advertising Than Research And Development, Study Finds

ScienceDaily (Jan. 5, 2008) — A new study by two York University researchers estimates the U.S. pharmaceutical industry spends almost twice as much on promotion as it does on research and development, contrary to the industry’s claim.

What is interesting is that a vast majority of people are completely oblivious to the mental bombardment of this kind of marketing. People go about their lives responding to these subliminal suggestions. Their response health issues are more than likely influenced by the many ads and suggestive marketing they have been exposed to over the course of their lifetime.

The other factor is:

Majority of Pharmaceutical Ads Do Not Adhere to FDA Guidelines, New Study Finds

ScienceDaily (Aug. 18, 2011) — A study led by Mount Sinai School of Medicine researchers of 192 pharmaceutical advertisements in biomedical journals found that only 18 percent were compliant with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, and over half failed to quantify serious risks including death. The study, is published online August 18 in the journal Public Library of Science (PLoS) One.

So despite the deceptiveness of Big Pharma commercials do deliver a list of side effects although the list is incomplete. Despite this list the public is still encouraged to ask their doctor about prescribing these harmful drugs. Many patients trust their doctors so regardless of the list of side effects in the commercials just as long as the doctor says it is ok they will proceed with taking the medication prescribed. Not asking questions or conducting research is a sure way to succumb to the mercy and will of the medical establishment.

When one is battling chronic illnesses desperation in finding relief can make one vulnerable. Vulnerabilities can extend to unnecessary surgeries, medication and other prescribed protocols. The need to ask questions and to conduct your own research is a major component in being well. If one is unable to do so then perhaps requesting the aid of close family or friends to assist is a viable option and if by chance they are staunch believers in the medical system you might be on your own. One might be forced to proceed on your own in searching for answers but know that it is best to do so prior to surgeries and pharmaceutical prescriptions. When there is a diagnosis but the individual feels fine and has no symptoms this is the best time to examine options, research and ask questions because the symptoms and the feeling of ill health generally seem to become evident once the suggested treatments have begun. It’s your life and your body; question everything.

I would love to hear your comments.

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