1Lars FossOKThis documentary, THE BUSINESS OF DISEASE, (produced by SIF Productions a division of Timeline Publishing Inc) is the result of an article written by Sonia Barrett titled The Marketing of Breast Cancer. The article was inspired by her observation of the growing marketing of breast cancer awareness. What she realized was the mounting fear. Husbands, fathers, uncles, aunts, daughters, sons, nieces and nephews; everyone has been brought into this circle of fear. She observed that the pink ribbon symbol was being flashed from all angles as the public was being inundated with the reminder to be very afraid. After the article was published it made its way around the internet gathering a momentum of minds most of who have been silently exhausted with the upsurge of breast cancer awareness marketing. Sonia received responses from both men and women who were grateful for the message presented in the article. People were grateful that someone was saying the very things that they were thinking. A number of readers expressed feeling tremendous guilt in their silent objection to being part of this surging marketing pandemic. The article seemed to give permission for those feelings. Responses also included those who had passed through the experience of breast cancer.


This prompted Sonia to create a film that would shed light on both the strong influence of marketing on the human mind as well as the power within each human to be well. While she realizes that all circumstances provide each of us with a unique experience as part of our personal growth, she also realizes that knowledge can assist in changing perceptions and choices. With a change in perception comes a change in the choices made. Sonia sees this film as an opportunity to bring focus to the spirit, mind and body connection in a unique way. This is an opportunity to answer the call of someone who may view this film and become prompted into making profound life changes. The Business of DisEase is not just about the marketing of breast cancer but of all adverse conditions and circumstances. It encourages us to be unafraid to take responsibility for our bodies, our spirits and our minds.


We will examine the overall disease belief system. We aim to cohesively blend the spirit, mind and body connection in a unique way that will appeal to anyone ready to move into a more holistic understanding of their ability to regulate the unfolding of their life.


Sonia has pulled together those who support shedding light in areas that have been dimly lit for some time. This group of minds include medical doctors to holistic practicioners to scientists to those who have experienced the impact of cancer and those who have passed through the shadows of death. Together these minds bridge the gap between science and spirituality in a way that truly brings to light what is possible. These are voices of freedom for those ready to leap into a new level of inner freedom. External change begins with an inner evolution.


A special thanks to Lillian Fidler of Lillian Fidler Design & Multimedia for being there when the idea broke and for stepping up to support the production of this documentary!